Video Editing

Price: Subject to length of footage to be edited, editing requirements (if requested and needed) such as visual effects, color and contrast correction, motion graphics, voice over, subtitles, etc.

Leads Generator or Informational Website / Responsive

Price: Varies according to each project and requirements.

Online Stores / e-commerce

Price: Varies according to each project and requirements.

Changes or Updates to Current Website

The following information is needed:

  • A brief summary of what you need
  • Contact information: Name, email and/or if possible phone number
  • Link to your current website

Once I receive your information, an evaluation will be done to determine time to complete your request, delivery date and price.

Payment terms

Subject to the time needed to complete the task or website project.

Pay Online Now

Payment process image

* Due to security reasons, for online payment please send me an email to indicating you wish to make an online payment and I will send you the Paypal payment option via email.